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Go Green with an Outdoor Area for Your Office

While the traditional workspace is focused on the indoor environment, there is plenty of reason to head outside, especially when it comes to taking care of the planet. This is because an outdoor area for your staff offers a range of green benefits, allowing everyone to do their job without damaging the Earth as they would in a traditional workplace. Here, we’ll look at a few ways in which you can make your office more environmentally friendly by installing an outdoor arena for your staff.

More Trees and Cleaner Air

One of the basics of being green is that the more flora that you have, the less carbon dioxide will be in the air. This is positive for a number of reasons, including:

  • A healthier, cleaner environment for your employees to work within
  • Improved carbon dioxide absorption to reduce global warming
  • A green setting that can attract birds and small animals in future

This is a great way for your business to reduce your carbon footprint too, as the trees and shrubs in your outdoor office area will help absorb the harmful chemicals pumped into the air around your workplace. It will also filter out pollution, making breathing a much healthier activity for both your staff and your clients.

Healthy Eating Protecting the Planet

If you have the space available, you can also plant some fruit trees and vegetables to give your workers something healthy and organic to eat during their breaks. This will reduce your reliance on pesticides and big corporate farms by forming a self-sufficient crop that gives your staff everything they need during working hours. If possible, installing some greenhouses can be a smart idea, encouraging your fruits and vegetables to grow and thrive in a planet-friendly manner. Instead of your employees munching on chocolates, chips and other unhealthy, environmentally unfriendly snacks during their break, they can grab an apple or some strawberries from the garden found just outside your workplace. This is a completely non-polluting way of feeding your staff during office hours.

Encourage Outdoor Work Habits

Lastly, by creating a green setting outside your workplace, you’ll give your employees somewhere else to conduct their day-to-day tasks. Whether they’re working on their laptops or collaborating together, they can head outdoors and get some sunshine in your office garden while completing their daily responsibilities. This will protect the planet in a number of ways, including:

  • Less reliance on electrical lighting as your employees sit outdoors
  • Lower use of air-conditioners and heaters typically used within offices
  • Higher productivity resulting in less time spent using the computer
  • Increased laptop battery use leading to fewer idle, switched on devices

As you can see, this is a smarter way forward. Not only will your workers have a brighter, healthier environment in which to work but they will also protect the planet at the same time. Building an outdoor area for your office is thus truly advisable for the smart, environmentally-friendly business owner. The benefits gains for the company and the Earth are too valuable to be ignored.


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