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Seven Ways to Turn Your Workplace Green

Creating a green-friendly environment in the workplace can do more than soothe your conscience; it can save your company money and provide new avenues for promoting your products and services to the public. A few simple steps can significantly reduce the impact your company's operations have on the environment and can provide a basis for sustainable operations well into the future. Here are seven of the easiest ways to improve your company's green-friendly credentials.

Wrap it up

Minimizing the packaging used for your products can make a big difference in the environmental impact of your business. Additionally, streamlining consumption of things like cardboard boxes for instance can have a positive effect in how consumers perceive your company; green-friendly packaging solutions are an ideal way to demonstrate your corporate commitment to energy conservation and environmental responsibility.

Turn it around

Recycling and reuse programs not only help the environment, they can help manage waste disposal and storage issues within your facility. While not all materials can be safely recycled, paper, plastics, computer equipment, aluminium cans and toner cartridges are usually accepted by a variety of recycling facilities and can reduce the amount of rubbish generated by your company that ends up in a landfill or waste disposal facility.

Cut it down

By eliminating unnecessary consumption in the workplace and carefully monitoring necessary usage, your company can save money while protecting the environment. Reducing the amount of paper in your office by moving to paperless electronic systems can help reduce your environmental impact, while opting for video conferencing and telephone calls rather than travelling to meet in person can save fuel and time, boosting your overall productivity while maintaining your green-friendly status.

Make it personal

Rather than providing paper or Styrofoam cups for coffee and tea breaks, encourage employees to bring their own personal mugs. Some companies even purchase personalised mugs with the corporate logo for employee use during break time. The company will save on paper products in the long run while promoting green-friendly practices and providing a small benefit for staff members.

Power it down

Whenever possible, shut down electrical equipment when it is not in use. This includes photocopy machines, computing arrays and even overhead lights; lighting alone can constitute a significant percentage of the energy costs incurred by larger companies. By turning these electrical devices off when they are not in use, companies can save big while cutting back on their energy usage and maintaining their green-friendly status.

It's all about chemistry

Using green-friendly products throughout the office can help protect the environment against the toxic effects of certain chemical compounds. Biodegradable cleaning solutions, lead-free paints and green-friendly hand soaps are ideal for the environmentally sensitive company as they do not damage fragile ecosystems or contaminate ground water supplies.

Cool it down

By lowering the inside temperature a few degrees in winter, many companies can save on heating costs while reducing their facility's energy consumption. It's important not to go overboard with this strategy, however, as green-friendly policies shouldn't leave your employees with blue fingers from the cold.

By implementing these seven strategies, your company can achieve cost savings and environmental responsibility while creating sustainable business practices and workflows. Companies that begin green-friendly operations today will position themselves to be better prepared for the competitive challenges of the future.