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Even in today’s technological era, where the majority of people communicate by email, Facebook or BBM rather than writing letters or talking to each other on the telephone, there is still a strong need for traditional office stationery such as paper, pens and sticky notes.  Suppliers of stationery are in as much demand today as they have always been. 

Another common consideration across the globe is the effect that businesses and the public are having on the planet.  Being eco-friendly is no longer a position that is taken by extremists.  The protection of the environment is at the forefront of many ingenious new designs for products everywhere and a driving force behind the actions of businesses.  With the pressure to produce products that are environmentally responsible, many stationery companies have begun to offer the office world a way to shop conscientiously by providing items which are environmentally friendly or “green”.

Recycled stationery

Many companies offer the products which are vital to a functioning office in recycled form in order to protect the environment and provide a greener option for offices.  Most people are surprised by the amount of recycled products that are available.

  • Paper and notepads
  • Folders, binders, desk trays 
  • Sticky notes
  • Desk tidy’s
  • Calculators
  • Sharpeners and rulers
  • Ink cartridges
  • Pens

All of the above and many more are available as recycled products.  Each of the products mentioned are used all over the world on a day to day basis.  Therefor the impact of using options which are environmentally friendly and conserve the resources of the planet, is profound. 

In the case of products made from recycled paper, old paper is sorted and washed before different materials are added to it to produce different types of paper and card suitable for printers, notepads, writing paper, folders etc. 

Ink cartridges are relatively new on the scene of recycled stationery products and are either re-used or re-made using recycled materials as with pens and calculators.  Many of the calculators can also be found with solar panels eliminating the need for batteries.


Some people may worry about the quality in recycled items in relation to the traditional, disposable types.  This worry is unfounded though as the quality in all products is just the same and companies strive to obtain and maintain high standards in all their products.  In actual fact, not only is recycled stationary a match in quality as disposable items, but in some cases the cost of such supplies can be less for the green option than it is for the damaging option.  This can be seen with most recycled ink cartridges.

Recycle in the office

Over recent years, companies have come to appreciate their role in helping to conserve the planets resources and keep pollution levels to a minimum.  Companies now realize that it is important to try to use as many recycled products as possible and keep a lid on disposable products.

Purchasing recycled office stationery is really only one part of creating a green work place.  The next part is to continue the good work by recycling all used stationery.  Thankfully, paper bins are commonplace in the office nowadays so people are able to be eco-friendly simply by throwing their old notes in the bin. 

The benefits of recycling and buying recycled items or using products made from sustainable materials are not only good for the environment, but cost effective for companies.  Some companies responsible for recycling items even offer money back for every item taken to be recycled.  This can mean lower cost when purchasing and money back after use, making massive savings from acting responsibly.