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The Google Snapitel Phone Promotion group sends massive amounts of UCE in an effort to find marks who will switch their phone service to some barely-identifiable off brand, with the usual promise of savings.

When you are ready to place your service at risk, contact one of the approved representatives:

  1. meisannatimar72l@gmail.com
  2. melendeztownsend255k@gmail.com
  3. norenekasperekbu@gmail.com
  4. pippaakepowell@gmail.com
  5. sherreylane@gmail.com
  6. sumersarakamiza17309@gmail.com
  7. yadiradarion4119@gmail.com

And, remember, all transactions are backed by the famous Google three-way warranty, so things are perfectly safe.

1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Ste 0624
M/S yadiradarion4119@gmail.com

Mountain View, CA 94043
1 650 2530000